Updates for Tuesday, 4/7/2009

The team still is pretty mum on any official updates, so start up the frantic rumor mill!

What is clear is that Mathieu did travel with the team to New York (that is confirmed). My thoughts last night were that he'd do that to get a second opinion before making a commitment to the surgery that was rumored. My French is pretty lame, but from what I get from the CKAC Sports report, it seems like that is exactly the case.

Apparently the radio show goes even further, suggesting his is not "ruled out" for the game tonight and is "almost certain" to play in Boston (as reported by the Eyes on the Prize blog; again, my French isn't so hot, and my understanding of spoken French is almost nonexistent, so I have to go by what Robert says they said). That little rumor is lighting up the Internet right now, with blogs everywhere trumpeting the good news.

BUT... I seriously doubt that. My gut (amongst other things) says he's done for the year.

UPDATE (of the update): As of 3:00 pm (Pacific time), according to ProPuckTalk, CKAC Sports has backed off the "Mathieu is gonna play" message and has replaced it with the "he's seeking a second opinion" message. I, on the other hand, stand by the message my gut gives me (see above).


NaturalBornPlayer said...

There's a big chance that Schneider play tonight!!!!! Thanks God!!!


Sarah said...

Wow. I've added a new update, but it does look like the strong possibility is there. I hope it is the right decision!