Je suis ici pour la poutine et bière

Woo hoo! The Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Home Page is hitting the road. Actually, more like hitting the air. Unless of course I wanted to drive/walk 2,963 miles.1

Yes indeed, I will be heading off to beautiful Montréal, Québec for the NHL draft and the first ever Draft Tweetup. It is my first time to la belle province, and I'm psyched! I'm told it is a great place, and I'm excited to meet some cool people, too.

I'm sure I'll have lots of stories and reports to share, and will do so when I have free time and WiFi.

1For those keeping track at home, driving to Montreal would take 1 day, 19 hours non-stop. Or 40 days, 17 hours non-stop if walking. At least according to Google Maps.

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