Running out of time?

Could this be the end of Mathieu's career? With time passing, talent dispersing, and caps being reached, Mathieu is running low on options for next season. At least, so says Lyle Richardson in Big Names Could be Squeezed Out at Foxsports:

Brendan Shanahan, Todd Bertuzzi, Mathieu Schneider and Mats Sundin were in recent years among the most prized free agents but this summer, they could be faced with a stark choice: accept considerably less money with teams they normally wouldn't consider signing with or risk going unsigned when next season begins.

Shanahan, Schneider and Sundin could be forced to sit and wait through next season for a contract offer which might never come, which would be a sad ending to their long careers.

I don't think the situation is that dire. It has only been 5 days. But I really hope that he's being realistic. He's 40, coming off of shoulder surgery, and has seen his stats declining over the last few seasons.

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