no news, and a true confession

Six days of free agency are gone, and Mathieu remains teamless. I've been monitoring all news sources, and there is nothing, not even rumors, out there right now.

Since there is no news to report, let me take this opportunity to make a confession and hopefully unburden my soul so that I may again get a good nights sleep....

I think I'm being punished. Ever since I posted that picture of Vincent Lecavalier riding a camel, I've been having a weird recurring dream that he lives in my apartment. It is like we live parallel lives in my place. I hardly ever actually see him, and we never speak or interact. Except... he keeps rearranging my furniture and eating all of my Trader Joe's chocolate orange sticks.

Now, Vinny isn't exactly nightmare material. Far from it. But it's really creepy dreaming about someone you don't know. And even imagined theft of my orange sticks is too much for me. So maybe by saying this out loud I might be able to free my psyche from this dark torture. Hopefully...

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