Thank you Joe Sakic

So the great Joe Sakic officially retired today. I would feel like a bad hockey fan if I didn't take a break from the regularly scheduled summer nonsense to join the millions of folks who have more eloquently and gracefully said "thanks Joe!" Really. Great player, and by all accounts a remarkable person. Good luck in all that you do Joe, and again, thanks for the years of awesomeness.

And hey, while I'm here, let's make some Joe Sakic connections.

Joe was one of two three active players who was drafted in 1987 (15th overall). Now, the only active players from that draft year is are Brendan Shanahan (2nd overall) and Mathieu Schneider (44th overall). [edited 7/13/09: special thanks to a reader for the heads up about Brendan Shanahan; that initial tidbit came from an article written early last season before Brendan returned to playing, so he wasn't included and I totally forgot about him. Oops, sorry Brendan.]

Joe inspired many youngsters, and is listed by slew of current NHLers as there own favorite player and idol. One of those is Brad Richards, who also wore Joe's #19 (until he came to Dallas, were the number is retired and had to flip to #91).

A very young B-Rad with an ageless Joe Sakic

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