Buffalo still being mentioned

I was so happy to see something pop up on my news/blog feed that was related to Mathieu, that wasn't just saying a) he was injured in the playoffs, b) he isn't with Detroit anymore, c) he was replaced in Montreal and still teamless, and d) he's old.

Crash the Crease looks at the remaining UFAs and picks out those that may help Buffalo:
Mathieu Schneider – Even at 40, he’ll command a decent chunk of change for a probable 1-year contract. But it’s worth it – his skill as a powerplay quarterback and rock solid defenseman instantly improved the Montreal powerplay and their ailing defense last season when he was acquired. Barring injuries, he could do a lot to fill the gap Jaroslav Spacek left – and at this point in his career, he could be convinced to take a discount.
Well, he had me until "rock solid defenseman." =P Really, though, the powerplay quarterback is the key missing piece on a few teams, and that is something he really can provide. Seeing how Montreal signed Jaroslav Spacek to replace the contributions of Mathieu (with the "bonus" of Spacek being a few years younger), Mathieu would seem an obvious fit. As long as they aren't looking for that solid defensive defenseman.

But who knows? No official words or updates have been given, so all we have to go on is wish-lists and possibilities. But at least those are more on-topic that Vinny Lecavalier vacation pics.

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