Nothing new, really

And here I thought I'd wake up to find Mathieu on a team. But no. Still nothing.

But the story of him being close to a deal with Vancouver made the Puck Daddy's Puck Headlines yesterday with the following commentary:
"Sportsnet reports that the Vancouver Canucks are close to signing free-agent defenseman Mathieu Schneider(notes), partly because he's a strong veteran presence in the locker room but mostly because their power-play is ‘teh suck' as the kids used to say. [Canada.com]"
And while I'm thinking of it, I wrote up something about Mathieu and Vancouver last December: see the post "Vancouver?" Re-reading that, most everything still applies (though Sundin is probably gone). And the thing about kitchen sponges is moot, too. I finally remembered to buy some. Although, I just used the last one in the huge package I bought, so I guess that may still apply if I forget to pick some up this afternoon.

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