Vancouver buzz abounds

The buzz in the hockey world is that Mathieu and Vancouver are close. More than close. Kind of like imminent. No confirmation from either camp, but the Canadian media is very confident a deal will be announced very soon. Most of the reports are coming from sports radio, so I'm not hearing the whole story. But I've got people listening for me. (It's good to have connections)

Be assured that we here at the Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Homepage are monitoring the situation and will post updates as they come in. That is, if I'm not in a meeting or otherwise being a productive employee. =)

Update: (2:20pm Pacific time) Still no word on any completion of a deal, but the Canucks are least have acknowledged interest, according to this article from The Province. From the comments in that article, plus the early reactions from Canucks blogs show a very mixed review from fans.

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