He blogs, therefore he is

Oh. Wow. Really, that is all I can muster. Mathieu is blogging. Sweet Mother Mary, Matheiu is blogging!

Check out his first installment: Long Drive, Short Camp (http://blogs.canucks.com/?p=5109)

Some highlights included him talking about his first experiences with the Internet (yes, there is a "he's old" joke in there somewhere), and his family's adventures in relocating to Vancouver. (Six hours from SoCal to Sacramento? Dude, you were so totally speeding.)

I really, really hope he keeps it up. He's insightful, honest, and entertaining, so he should have some gems. And hey, if he gets comfortable with the whole blogging thing, he can conquer Twitter next. Can't let Martin Havlat, Donald Brashear and Mike Green have all the fun.

Side note: I drove from the Bay Area to Vancouver once, and it was trying. We didn't even have a car full of kids! I imagine some parts of Hell resemble Highway 5 in California.

Side note, part 2: How many fueling stops does it take to drive a Suburban that many miles? And I hope someone warned him about the you-can't-pump-your-own-gas thing in Oregon. We had warning, and it was still weird.

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