Long-term injury reserve

As expected, Ben Kuzma of The Province reports that Mathieu will miss the season opener after being officially put on the long-term injury reserve. Says Mathieu:
"I'm comfortable with it and we talked about it [Wednesday night]. I've got to get the shoulder to feel strong enough to play and I'm not ready to take a hit."

Oh, and while I'm at it: The content was from a Sports Network story and not original, but here is a link to a Vancouver Canucks season preview from KTVU.com. Why from there and not one of the other 100 places that same preview was posted? Because KTVU is my hometown TV station* and it was weird to see it pop up in my Mathieu Schneider news feeds.

*Though I have to say, the browser title bar says San Francisco, and that ticks me off. It's Oakland based; the studios are right in Jack London Square. On TV, they say "KTVU: Oakland - San Franciso - San Jose." Not sure why it's different on the Web.

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