On hanging 'em up

Stan Fischler had some short quotes from Mathieu today, accompanied by the header "Schneider not ready to hang 'em up":
“It keeps me young. I enjoy it so much being a mentor to these guys. There’s no other experience you could have outside of being part of a team, of being in a room; it’s so unique and so much fun. It’s going to be difficult giving it up. Hopefully that’s a few years away."

And since I don't really have any commentary to add to that, I'll just take a moment to go off topic to say WELCOME EMMA! My friend Christina (my hockey loving friend from all the way back to the early Mathieu days when we were in high school) and her husband, Mark, welcomed their first child yesterday. Emma made us all wait. And wait. And wait. She was 2 weeks late and put mama through 4 days of labor. But she's here now, and having met her for just the briefest of moments yesterday, she was worth every second of the wait. She healthy and she strong and she's beautiful. Her parents won the jackpot! I can't wait until she's old enough to go to games with us. And now that I know what team Mathieu is on, I can order some Canucks gear for her. Actually, it's good I waited. She came in at a solid 10 pounds, 21.5 inches and is already too big for some of her baby clothes.

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