Practicing and stuff

Mathieu won't play any preseason games, but he is practicing with the team. And by reports, he's stepping up the pace and really pushing hard.

After one practice, the National Post noted that for someone "who despite a five-month layoff and having been eligible for old-timer’s leagues for five years was panting no worse than a fit 30-year-old would." The article was actually very good, speaking to his age a bit and his role as a mentor to the younger players, but also pointing out that he still plays some damn good hockey himself.

He's anxious to play and says he'll be ready for opening night. He hasn't been cleared for contact yet, and admits there is still some work to do in the weight room, but he's skating hard and feels almost game ready. The coach and medical staff, however, are not as keen to that idea. According to the Vancouver Sun, the doctors don't think he's as close as he thinks he is, and it looks like they are leaning towards starting the season with Mathieu on the IR.

Patience Mathieu. It's a long season.

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