November 28, 2009

Vancouver got a huge win over Edmonton tonight, throttling the Oilers 7-3. Mathieu had no points, but was a +1 after logging 18:53 total ice time (a season high, I believe; but I'd have to go back and look that up and, frankly, I've had an epicly awesome evening and my wits are not exactly with me right now).

Ok, it was mentioned above as an aside, but why was this evening so epic? Sidney Crosby had 5 points and a hat trick (yes, I'm a semi-closeted Sidney Crosby fan; don't hold it against me. The kid is freakin' amazing... and totally adorable), and B-Rad continued his tear to the top of the scoring charts knocking in 2 more points tonight against his old team and BFF Vincent Lecavalier. (My guys B-Rad and VINNY!! in the same game again was enough to knock me over today).

Also... Mathieu was the guest on the 30 minute long interview show After Hours, following Hockey Night in Canada. Thanks to my fabulous subscription to Center Ice (which has already paid for itself by making me happier than a duck in the rain), I was able to watch the whole thing and it was AMAZING!

a screen shot, courtesy of the ever fabulous Amanda
(who is seriously my Canadian sister from another mother)

My face hurts from smiling so much. The interview was great enough to warrant it's own post, which will come tomorrow. But I'm pooped and can barely string a sentence together. There is an Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Homepage connection to the After Hours interview, so stay tuned to find out what it is...

P.S. Happy birthday Shannon Schneider! =) Among the many golden nuggets in the After Hours interview, Mathieu mentioned today is his lovely wife's birthday. She threw him an epic 40th birthday party, and he gets to play on hers. At least she got a shout out on national television (international, really, since I was watching it in the States)

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