On moving a lot

Something that came up in the After Hours interview with Mathieu was how he deals with changing teams so often. And that was also the focus of an article in Vancouver's Georgia Straight newpaper. After being traded once, it gets easier... so he says. He even finds positives in some of the dark moments:
“Every place I have played has been special in some way, even places other guys might not want to play. Being on Long Island, I was born in New York and I had a lot of friends there, so that was great. Atlanta was great because my brother lived there. It was tough playing hockey there, but being close to my brother, I haven’t lived next to him or near him since we were teenagers. So our kids got to spend time together, which was really unique.”
The hardest part now is moving the kids, which I can definitely appreciate. But they are not alone. A lot of athletes kids experience the same things, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of military kids. They'll probably have some amazing stories to tell their kids some day.

See the whole article at Straight.com

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