A review of Mathieu's blogging

Epically bored at work tonight. I have the 7-10 pm shift, but it is the first day of classes. No one has questions. I can't concentrate on anything productive and work related. So hey, why not catch up on stuff here?

Hate to mention Vancouver after all this drama of the past few weeks, but if you remember, while he was still a member of good standing with the team, he was blogging.

In his first posting, Long Drive Short Camp, he talked about relocating up to Vancouver. I highlighted that posting back in September.

In the second posting, Getting Acquainted, he talked about his kids. It's kind of sad to go back and read them now, as he mentions how happy his kids are in school and how much they like the city. It is pretty funny when he talks about his boys' hair being too long (they have long California hair). Overall, his description of his and Shannon's kids is pretty hilarious. They seem to have the jock, the academic, the nut, and the princess all under one roof.

In the third posting, Back in the Game, he talks about playing. It was just after he had returned to playing and after he had that game where he was put into the forward position.

It was fun to read these. I hope he continues to do this in some other way. Hey Mathieu, guest posts at the Unofficial Mathieu Schneider Homepage are always welcomed. =P

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