Some Olympic Musings

A few years ago, when asked how long he wanted to play and what his goals were, Mathieu said he wanted to be in Vancouver for the Olympics.

Well, he didn't get selected to represent the US squad this year, but he did sign a contract with Vancouver. I joked with a friend after he signed that deal that he was going to be in Vancouver for the Olympics after all. Oh, right. About that.... well, he kind of didn't last long with the Canucks. After he was sent to the Moose, I thought even that was a bust. But then, he got broken. Now, I don;t know where he is right know as he recovers and rehabs following knee surgery, but I like to think he went back to where his family was: Vancouver.

Anyway, so yeah, the Olympics are underway and they've been pretty entertaining. Not really sure who I'm pulling for in men's hockey. I want to pull for my home country, but I'm just not a fan of the Wilson/Burke combo. But the team is so full of awesome young talent, it's had to not be swayed. I want to pull against Canada for so many reasons (B-Rad's snub being a key one), but I find myself kind of cheering them on. Russia has such amazing skill. Stunning to watch... but only enjoyable as long as they don't speak (the arrogance and snark just gets to me, and Lord knows I love me some snark). Sweden keeps getting overlooked a bit, but they've got what it takes. Will the Czechs surprise us all? Those pesky Swiss could be spoilers, too.

In the end, whatever happens happens. It will be a thrill for some, heartbreak for others. I'm just going to enjoy the ride. And in the end, I just can't help myself... Go Team USA!

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