Trade deadline

I haven't been lazy with updates. There have just been no updates. I haven't seen anything Mathieu related in weeks. Nada. Zilch. Like he's fallen off the face of the planet.

Anyway, tomorrow is the NHL trade deadline. I'm not sure the protocol of trading broken players. But with the injury, and the lack of "showcasing" he was able to do in Manitoba before the injury, I'm thinking Mathieu may finish the season as shunned Vancouver property.

Next season? Who knows. *sigh*


andrew said...

I have been asking him for years to go to Boston. Its the only hometown team I don't route for because I follow whatever team Matty is on. It would be so nice. Too bad he hates all Boston teams hahaha.

Sarah said...

Hey, I've been hoping for a San Jose trade or signing for 16 years! =P

Felt like it was close a couple of years ago, but alas, I think it just wasn't to be. That might be for the best. My favorite guy on my favorite team might make my head explode.

andrew said...

thats funny. Now that I live in the Bay Area it would have been nice if he came to San Jose. I would have been able to see him play again.

Sarah said...

Hey, welcome to the neighborhood! Where abouts are you in the Bay Area?

andrew said...

I am in redwood city. been here about 5 months