March 18, 2010

Well... this day was a bit of a surprise. Pleasant, but surprising.

My undergraduate alma mater (and current employer) pulled an upset in the NCAA division men's basketball championship and advanced to the second round for the first times since 1959. w00t! Go Gaels!!

And Mathieu, well, for a washed up, old veteran had a pretty dang good game. In the 4-3 shoot-out win in Florida, Mathieu had 24:14 of total ice time, and was on the ice for all three Phoenix goals (as they came from a 3 goal deficit) and none of Florida's goals. Even better, he had 2 points (his first points as a Coyote) and finished the game a +2. w00t! Go Mathieu!!

Game summary: Hanzal (Schneider), 3:56 of 3rd; Vrbata (Schneider, Morris), 19:00 of 3rd.

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