March 20, 2010

I'm dedicated. And a dork. And kind of cheap. I'm updating this via my cellphone because I'm too cheap to buy the Internet in my room. Actually, that's more of just principle. You get free WiFi in cheap motels, but they charge for wired stuff at big hotels. WTF!?

Anyway, I'm here in Dallas. Had a fabulous time at the Stars/Ottawa game today. Stars win and B-Rad scored 2 goals for me. Well, he scored them for the team, but I'll take credit. There was another game on tonight that I had to follow mostly via tweets. That was the 5-4 Phoenix shoot-out win over Chicago. Mathieu was a factor again, coming in at a +1 and adding an assist on the power play. In his total 21:13 of ice time, he had 3 shots. Nice!!

Now everyone keep your fingers crossed that Coach Tippett plays him back to back, as I'll be there to cheer him on as the Coyotes come to Big D. Oh, and Mathieu, bring a coat. It's snowing.

Game summary: Stempniak (Aucoin, Schneider), 1:11 of 3rd (PP).

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