A Time for Change

It has come to this. I've been a Mathieu fan for a long time. A very long time. I first became a fan when he was a young newbie in the league. I was in high school. Now, he's a 22 year veteran. And I'm not exactly in high school anymore.

It's been a good run with Mathieu, but as his career has faded over the last year, my enthusiasm for continuing the site has waned. Mathieu will be leaving the game soon, and I've prepared myself for that day. It just seems to be happening a bit sooner than I had thought. I still want to continue some kind involvement in hockey blogging so this site won't disappear totally.

So today I present to you the big change here at the schtimpy27 domain. The Unofficial Mathieu Schneider has given way to the Unofficial Brad Richards Homepage.

Mathieu won't be abandon. Just as I've had some B-Rad updates the past couple of years, I'll post Mathieu updates as they come around.

It's bitter sweet, but it's time. It became clear to me when I again missed out seeing Mathieu in person when I stayed the extra day in Dallas to catch the Coyotes game only for him to be scratched. I knew then that the run is over and it's time to move on.

I'll forever be thankful for the years of entertainment Mathieu Schneider has provided, and can not express how much I've enjoyed keeping this site going for these past 12 years. I'm looking forward to as many years of of dedication to B-Rad.


Laughs 2 Loud said...


**narrows eyes**

This is an April Fool's Joke, isn't it.

Sarah said...

Am I that obvious? =P I've actually never done an April Fools thing on the site.

But you know, I got a little teary eyed as I wrote that fake post. I dread the retirement post.

Laughs 2 Loud said...

I can only imagine what that day will be like for you. Yesh. But it's not here yet!

BTW, I loved the B-rad picture you chose for your fake new header. It looked great!