On chiropractoric care

Here's something a little random from the Windsor Star: Mathieu is a big fan of Windsor area chiropractor, Steve Radovich.
"I wish I'd found him earlier in my career because I think I would've avoided a couple of surgeries. I don't know if I'd still be playing the last couple of years without him. I know I would be playing through pain and injuries.  He's absolutely saved me from some injuries and extended my career."
I've heard conflicting things about chiropractors. If they can do what proponents say, I really should try it. But I'm a chicken. It took me 25+ years to get up the nerve to get a massage. And damn, those are nice. I'd get those more often, but I'm even more cheap than chicken.

(note: the article was there, then gone, then back again. Hope its stays now)

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