He plays

Can't go too into detail as the game is still going on and I'm out of sorts after a day of traveling. (Heeelllllloooo Edmonton!)

Anyway, with the Coyotes power play sagging, and Shane Doan still out, Mathieu started the game tonight. Says he: "This is the most exciting time of the year. For me, to be a part of it now makes it certainly special. To jump in a series four games in is going to be fun, something that I've never really done in my career." (from NHL.com)

So far, he's looked pretty good. His minutes have been pretty limited, and he's been kind of a specialty player.

P.S. Darren Pang loves Mathieu. I'm watching the game on TSN, and every chance he gets, he praises Mathieu. Woooo!!!

Update: The Coyotes ended up losing the game 4-1. Boo. Mathieu played a total of 16:33 (9:22 of that on the power play), and ended even and with one shot.

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