On facing Detroit in the playoffs

With the Coyotes returning to the playoffs for the first time in  long time, lots of talk about them as the first game in their series against Detroit approaches (tomorrow). Despite Phoenix's higher seed, I'm not sure I've seen any predictions of the Coyotes beating the Red Wings.

Today, nhl.com had a bit about the series, mentioning that the Red Wings ar enot exactly strangers to some of the Coyotes, espcially Mathieu and Robert Lang. Here are Mathieu's comments:
"Robert (Lang) will tell you that when we were there, if anything, teams played you harder because you were from Detroit. It makes things more difficult and taxing, especially in the first couple of rounds. It's a different time of the year, a different intensity and there is no time to rely on your past. I'm sure they realize that. They have great veteran leadership, but they also have a lot of new faces. They have a rookie in goal. At the end of the day, every year and every series is different."

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