A new season begins. A new chapter?

The hockey season has started and life feels whole again. But a little hole is missing from my whole. No Mathieu. =( There have been plenty of seasons that began without Mathieu in the line-up: there were injuries, and that one contract issue. But never in my 17+ years of hockey fandom has an NHL season begun without Mathieu at all. I guess I knew this day was coming, but it still stings.

Now if you need me, I'll be in the corner hugging me knees, rocking, softly weeping to myself.

But wait.... what is that? Is there something to take my mind of the fading into oblivion of my favorite player of all time? Well, not really.

But it's a nice distraction.

Look who popped up as a banner cover boy. (click to enlarge for full fabulousness)

And I know it's only 2 games into the season, but ladies and gentlemen, your NHL scoring leader is...

Not sure if the last name or the goal totals bumps him down to 3rd place

But honestly, it feels kind of shallow. I've been following Brad Richards since about 1999-2000, and always knew that one day he'd carry the coveted title of Sarah's Favorite Current NHL Player1, it just seems to fast. I mean, after 17+ years of fandom and Mathieu's career being barely cold and I'm moving on already?2 It feels so... so... so shallow.

Well, while I'm feeling shallow, might as well go all out....


1 Really, I hear rookies get in fights every year, battling it out who gets to be my favorite.

2 No, I'm not moving on. I'm just bored and wanted to post something.

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