Still number one in my heart, and in stats for now

I work at a college that has a 4-1-4 schedule. That is, in Fall and Spring semesters, students take 4 classes, and they take a single class in that weird month between. As a student, I liked JanTerm. It was intense fitting a semester into 4 weeks, but the course offerings were interesting and not the standard Fall or Spring semester classes.

Now as a I librarian here, I'm not a huge fan. It is regular school, so we offer full services. But half the students are on travel courses abroad, and the other half have very little research or hardcore studying to do. Thus, my Monday night shift at the Reference Desk is D-E-A-D.

I've caught up on professional readings. I've written a book review for a scholarly journal. I've gotten my in-box to almost 0 (it feels weird to be empty, so I always leave a few). What else is there to do?


This is a screen shot of wallpaper on my phone.

It is one of my favorite pictures. Though I'm not a fan of having a Red Wing jersey on my phone, it is the one photo I've seen of my two guys together. It's symbolic, too. Mathieu up front, B-Rad (close) behind.

A few weeks ago, I reminisced about Mathieu's 200th career NHL goal. The impetus of that was Brad Richards having scored his 200th career goal. Obviously, being a forward, it is expected that B-Rad will have higher offensive totals that Mathieu., though he has yet to over take Mathieu's totals. As of this moment, head-to-head, Mathieu still leads in all statistical categories.

Not for long, though.

At his current offensive production pace, B-Rad will surpass Mathieu's career goal total (223) in 31 more games, assist total (520) in 58 more games, and overall NHL career point total (743) in 49 more games.

Not sure if I should break out champagne for that, or huddle in a corner and cry.

But Mathieu can be assured he will never give up the lead to B-Rad in at least one statistical category: penalty minutes.  With 173 PIMs under his belt (or, an average of .23 minute per game), B-Rad would have to go full Enrico Ciccone for a few years to best Mathieu's 1,245 career minutes in the box.

Despite it all, that photo, a snapshot frozen in time, says what my heart knows. Mathieu is always first.

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