1,200 steps completed

I did it! I climbed 52 flights of stairs and survived. And I did so quicker than I thought. My official time was 20:46. I stopped for water twice and to catch my breath a couple of other times, but I did the first 21 non-stop.

It was a lot of fun (in a weird way), and I felt so good for accomplishing something. I will definitely do it again next year. And I'm setting a goal to best that time by 2 minutes.

Here is 555 California Street, also known as the Bank of American Building:

And here is the view from the top:

Big thank yous to everyone who supported me, morally and otherwise, in this challenge. It felt great to finish, and felt greater to have people care.


amandafortier said...

Woooo! Congrats Sarah, what a great accomplishment. :)

Curtis said...
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