One step at a time...

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As someone who is both lazy and health conscious, I'm a big fan of the little things you can do in daily life to help stay fit in this increasingly sedentary world. Parking in a spot far away from the door of the shopping center. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to get donuts instead of driving.

Going back to that stairs thing...

I grew up in a hilly area, so climbing is second nature. Add to that being impatient and an unfortunate getting-stuck-in-the-elevator-with-my-5-year-old-nephew incident, and I'm always taking the stairs. I trudge up the stairs at work, joking it's the Saint Albert Hall Stairmaster. Even when I went on a cruise, I always took the stairs. Up to 8 flights at a time.
My nephews vs. the stairs of Davidson Way
(one of Oakland's many urban pathways)

While I may be lazy, sometimes I take on a little something extra. Just to challenge myself. So when I heard about the Fight for Air Climb, a fundraiser for the American Lung Association, I was interested. It is a race to the top floor of the tallest building around here: San Francisco's Bank of America building. Via the stairs. Fifty-two flights. Almost 1,200 stairs.

So guess what I signed up to do? And tomorrow is the big day. I'm not in it to win it, but I'm in it to do it. Training for this event has made me so aware of my own abilities and health. I'm so lucky to have both. So anyway, in case anyone sees this, and wants to support the cause to help the American Lug Association help other people be as lucky, the fundraiser continues until April 1.


Wish me luck!

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OdinMercer said...

Good luck! GOOOO SARAH!