Getting some props

Yesterday, Mike Cammalleri gave Mathieu a bit of a shout out via his Twitter account:

In English and French, oooo fancy. I'll even ignore the spelling error.

That's not the only place he was getting mentioned in positive ways be former colleagues. Craig Conroy recently retired from the NHL as a member of the Calgary Flames. Reflecting on his career, he offered this bit about his first training camp after being drafted by the Canadiens:

"The one guy that helped me the most would be Mathieu Schneider. I mean, he was a guy that I knew even before I got there; our dads are good friends and I know his brother really well. So I think coming in, he was the one guy that kind of brought me along, made me feel comfortable and really took care of me. It's weird, with all those good guys on that team, and everyone was great to me, but I thought Schneider really helped me. (from the article posted by the Montreal Gazette)

It's nice that all these years later, he is still remembered fondly for helping out the younger player (even if, in this case, Conroy isn't that much younger). It is something that I've heard said about him many times over.

[by the way, special thanks to longtime blog reader REK for prompting me to get off my butt and post this story]

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