Twitter battle royales

A couple of days ago, the one, the only Brad Richards joined Twitter, seemingly with the sole intention of chirping back and forth with teammate Krys Barch. Their interactions are quickly approaching Logan Couture and Devin Setoguchi levels of teammate awesomeness.

You'd think tonight's return of Alex Ovechkin, who resurrected his own Twitter account, dead for 2 years (or since the Caps PR guy stopped ghost tweeting for him), would be the Twitter moment of the night.

Nope. Even B-Rad's self-deprecating, preemptive big teeth joke doesn't qualify. Rather, longtime NHL Twitter star and superstar bench warmer Paul Bissonnette again holds the honor with this picture posted from a dinner out with some Coyote teammates at Katsuya in LA.

Barch served it up, and B-Rad returned fire. A BizNasty chirp? Ball's in your court, Mathieu "Schnieder."

P.S. Brad joined Twitter. Enrico Ciccone has been on for awhile. Two out of three of my guys. Tick tock Mathieu. I'll offer lessons! ;)

P.S.S. Oh, and for what it's worth, I have a BizNasty claim to fame. I was his "hero" for finding him the ugliest PT Cruiser ever in the parking lot at work: http://twitter.com/#!/BizNasty2point0/status/24993344641. I might put that Tweet in my promotion dossier along with recommendation letters from faculty and a dean.

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