Winter Classic Alumni Game

Recall a few years ago, what has now become my annual hockey road trip, I went down to Dallas to catch a couple of Stars games. One of the games was against Phoenix. I was so excited at the prospect of seeing both of my favorite active players in the same game. Alas, Mathieu was scratch. Then, a few weeks later, I wasn't able to get last minute tickets to see Phoenix play in San Jose. I missed my opportunities to see my favorite player of all time in one last game. 

When Mathieu was announced as a member of the New York Rangers team at the Alumni Game before the Winter Classic, I thought, hmm... what if. Long story short (and explained in a post to come later), December 31 I found myself in the outfield watching my one last Mathieu game.

Pulled out the old LA jersey for the occasion

It was a fun outing, and not exactly a hugely competitive affair. It started off like a game played in quick sand. But it was fun to watch, and all of the players raved about how fun it was to play. I don't have much to add to the volumes already written about the game, but I'll say that a year and a half out of the game, and he still looks the same. I could spot him as soon as he jumped on the ice.The smile was ever present. And for 2 hours, everything felt right.

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